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Toasters, The - Pool Shark LP

The Toasters classic debut album reissued
The Toasters invaded the UK in 1987, with the releases of two EPs, "Recriminations" & "East Side Beat" along with their first LP outside of the United States...POOL SHARK! 25 years later and The Toasters return with an anniversary release that's sure to refresh the musical memories of those that were there the first time round and to introduce the new breed to what America was doing to carry on the torch that the 2Tone movement had burned so bright with.
Re-mastered and packaged together with their additional 1987 EPs, "Pool Shark? once again, serves as the gateway release between the British movement of the 70's and the revival sounds of the American 80's!
(Mad Butcher/ 2013)



  • Artikelnummer: LP4343
  • Hergestellt von: Mad Butcher Records


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