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Marvin Gays, Thee - Sleepless Nights LP


Twelve gritty, hook-laden tunes about confusion, nightmares aaand good things! Evil pounding drums! Stinging treble-y guitars! Growling bass! Real music, y'know! Ranging from cool jangle rockers to manic guitar freakouts they manage to master the Nuggets/Pebbles formula in a modern way without sounding like another dull copy. Throw in some fire of love-era GUN CLUB for good measure and dump the surf powerpop BARRACUDAS into the belgian sea and there ya go! Imagine the STANDELLS setting the MUNSTERS show on fire! But ya know, they're not into recreating an old era or following current trends, they're rather interested in creating original music! No silly garage rock uniforms! No STANDELLS wigs! No drone-y faux psych! No moronic joint chompin' tie-dye "take-it-easy-brooo" flower-rock BS! After awesome previous releases SLEEPLESS NIGHTS is a upbeat and catchy garage pop sensation!
(Alien Snatch/ 2014)



  • Artikelnummer: LP5208

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