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Alkaline Trio - From Here To Infirmary LP


180g vinyl
The third studio album from one of the finest Chicago punk bands, Alkaline Trio. Originally released in 2001, this record is filled with catchy pop-punk hooks, wry sense of humour and hysterical lyrics delivered from Matt Skiba.
Alkaline Trio have managed to put together a masterpiece on their third full-length studio album. It is everything a punk album should be: dark, moving, cynical, hopeful, wide eyed and world weary all at the same time.
(Vagrant/ 2016)

1.Private Eye
2.Mr. Chainsaw
3.Take Lots With Alcohol
4.Stupid Kid
5.Another Innocent Girl
6.Steamer Trunk
7.You're Dead
9.I'm Dying Tomorrow
10.Bloodied Up
11.Trucks And Trains


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