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V/A - Two Much! Never Enough... LP


...Rock´N´Roll´s Smoothest Party Monster!
A wild collection of power pop, garage and punk from top acts from the West Coast and Canada. You get it good from MEAN JEANS, MIDNIGHT SNAXXX, PERSONAL AND THE PIZZAS, WHITE WIRES, THE FLAKES, MOTHER’S CHILDREN, CITY DELUXE, PEACH KELLI POP, STEVE ADAMYK BAND, and URAINIUM COMEBACK. Packaged with art by DIRTY DONNY GILLIES. Edition of 500 copies. Includes a download, liner notes and a special “Why Me?” Tortex gutiar pick made special for this project by Dunlap.
(Why Me?/ 2012)


  • Artikelnummer: LP4106

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