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Miscalculations - Same LP


Ambitious effort from these London pukes .  MISCALCULATIONS bash out 12 snotty, bruising Punk Rock hits spat in yer face by a couplea fucks from THE GAGGERS.  Top tier, rapid-fire, Snot Punk that's got The Dickies, Buzzcocks and The Boys spastic, hyperactive charm smeared all over it - but with a very seething, morose, outlook that works well with the ferocious, poppy grit of the music. Jittery, razor-sharp Wire/Gang of Four/Wipers guitar tangents weave in and out of the songs that are all held together by snarling, bouncy First-Wave lunacy, bristling with fresh ideas and a poetic, melodic bite. Clever, creative song writing reigns supreme on this snearing, fuck-tastic ripper that's one of the gnarliest examples of modern day Punk Rock done right. 
File under "Good Shit".
(Dead Beat/ 2013)



  • Artikelnummer: LP4627
  • Hergestellt von: Dead Beat Records

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