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Mandates, The - Same LP


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The Mandates are a punk/power-pop quartet based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Formed in 2010, Matt Sikkens, Jimmy Sixx, Kirch N. Destroy and their drummer, Tahoe, have dedicated the most ambitious few years of their lives to writing the best '77 pop punk anthems their minds can arrange. Taking cues from classic acts like Teenage Head, Thin Lizzy, New York Dolls and The Jam, The Mandates have forged through their music scene, creating something vintage and yet somehow maintaining a modern appeal. The 12" follow-up to their first single "Take You to the Dance" os boasting their most danceable choruses and inspired lyrics to date. This full length vinyl release, produced by Portland punk rock aficionado Pat Kearns (Exploding Hearts, Nice Boys, Red Dons, Clorox Girls) is a passionate and earnest endeavour.
(Taken By Surprise/ 2014)



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