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Latex Squad - Same EP (Test Pressing)


Limd. 8 copies!!! comes in black wax, fixed in black screened "blackbird artwork" on heavy thick brown cardboard sleeve!
Better late than never, here’s the delayed tour ep for the Canada mini-tour of LATEX SQUAD. Behind this ultra-cool ensemble is the mastermind of german trashpunx LATEX LOVERS and they deliver us some cool-as-fuck garage-poppy punkrock-action, not that far from their main outfit. You just can’t deny those awesome parallels to bands like THE TOYOTAS, MANIKINS, ABOUT:BLANKS and even diverse KILLED BY DEATH-stuff. This shit goes straight forward, climbs right into your ears and makes you party like there’s no tomorrow! Four great songs, not even one hits the 2 minutes – exactly how it’s supposed to be!
(P.Trash/ 2014)

Blackbird 1:29
The Pa(e)st Is Black 1:45
Powerwalk 1:36
Love Letter(from the eastern front) 1:39


  • Artikelnummer: EP1769
  • Hergestellt von: P.Trash

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