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Johnny Throttle - Same LP

Formed by ex-Parkinsons front-man Afonso Pinto (aka Johnny Quid), and including former members of Menace, The Shakin' Nasties, the Jackoffs, the Chinese Lungs, the Stains and Urban Shocks, Johnny Throttle have been playing drunken, beer-soaked gigs since the tail end of 2008.
They play snotty, moronic and straight-to-the-point gonzo-garage punk rock, banging out a furious 20-minute (smoking ban-friendly) set of short and catchy songs that bring to mind something like Slaughter and the Dogs meet the Electric Eels.
Like the best bands of the seventies punk era, Johnny Throttle are hugely influenced by the sixties garage bands, and were regulars in the audience, and on the stage, at the old Dirty Water Club during the last decade.
The 12 tracks on this album are inspired mini-operas, played with the kind of near-incompetent teenage enthusiasm which only borderline middle-aged, lowlifes, has-beens and never-weres can truly muster. 
(Dirty Water/ 2011)


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