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Loudmouth - Easy Tiger LP+CD


Color vinyl!
Hailing from Sunderland and featuring members of HDQ, RED ALERT and ANGELIC UPSTARTS amongst their ranks, this is the album LOUDMOUTH have been promising to deliver in the past - with "EASY TIGER" they have totally nailed it 
Powerful, melodic, punk rock - this is a modern, gritty take yet gives a nod to the classic punk bands of yesteryear too - this is what you get when you take the direct influence of LOUDMOUTHs hometown bands LEATHERFACE and HDQ and mix them with a love of RUTS, CLASH and DAMNED. 
"EASY TIGER" is one of the most complete albums you will hear all year - make sure you don't miss it! 
(Boss Tuneage/ 2017)


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