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Greatest Hits, The - Saved My Life CD

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The second full-length from Seattle’s glam powerpoppers. If you heard their first album you’ll know that they got a sound that gets the nut-sack pumping. Think a modern day Joneses but with elements of the Undertones, Buzzcocks, Beach Boys, David Bowie and T-Rex thrown in. Yeah, this rules and the songs are fuckin killer... this band is not about dressing up and going through the motions... these songs have got soul. Produced and recorded by Steve E. Nix (who’s on backing vox and percussion too) and Johnny Sangster (Cute Lepers/Briefs producer).

(NFT/ 2009)

Tracks: Broadway Bounce / Ghost Town / Electric Blanket Boogie / If Rock Hadn’t Saved Me / Get Out (Baby Come Over) / For Our Hearts / Hangups / Shakes And Licks / Coming Down / Gateway Luv / Baby Come Baby Go / Hangover City


  • Artikelnummer: CD1113
  • Hergestellt von: No Front Teeth Records

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