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Varukers, The - One Struggle One Fight LP


Dating from 1984 and originally on the Liberate label, this was The Varukers' second studio album, now available on vinyl again for the first time. This is where the band got the most aggressive in their music, with more metallic riffs and thrashy inserts, though not too different from the out-of-control hardcore fury of their early years, and keeping their political message loud and clear: "Human Freedom, Animal Rights, It's One Struggle, It's One Fight." Pure Brit hardcore punk mayhem!
(Radiation/ 2010)


Persistant Resistance     
We Hint At Things Nuclear
In South Africa
The Fear Of Mankind
Will They Never Learn (Live)
Killed By Mans Own Hand
Animals An Animal
Protect Not Disect
How Can Your Conscience Allow This To Go On
Stop The Killing
Enter Of A New Phase (Live)         
A Lesson We Must Never Forget
One Struggle One Fight


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