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Doom - Doomed From The Start LP


Originally released by Vinyl Japan in 1992, this reissue collects the three Doom demos from 1987-8.
Seriously, this is some of the best hardcore/crust/whatever you want to call it ever to come from the UK, and along with the Police Bastard 7", is the essential Doom release to have. 19 tracks in all. You know you need this.
(AntiSociety/ 2011)

1. Relief
2. Slave To Convention
3. Fear Of The Future
4. A Dream To Come True
5. Exploitation
6. Beat The Boss
7. Obscenity
8. After The Bomb
9. Terminal Filth Wimpcore Killer
10. Life-Lock
11. A Dream To Come True
12. Circles
13. Black Monday
14. Sold Out Scene
15. Bury The Debt (Not The Dead)
16. Agree To Differ
17. Diseased
18. Nazi Die
19. Police Bastard


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