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Sharp Objects - Same LP


1 guy from THE BRIEFS, 2 guys from THE BODIES and a guy from Puerto Rico – thats what you need to know about the SHARP OBJECTS line-up. As for their output to date, they have released two 7 inches last year, both highly praised worldwide and captured many top ten lists for best releases of 2010 (including two 7 inches of the year awards). With this release, the bands self-titled debut full length, its quite simply the best new LP released in 2011. Ten killer, POSHBOY-esque songs instantly bringing to mind the ADOLESCENTS/SOCIAL DISTORTION/AGENT ORANGE/TSOL-era of early 80s LA punk. Dark, aggressive and loaded with hooks, these tunes will enter your ears and stick in yer head until your nuts unexpectedly explode, leaving you with your mind blown and your nuts a thing of the past. You heard it here first: ALBUM OF THE YEAR….
(Modern Action/ 2011)


Night Patrol
Another Victim

Rat Trap
Zero Ambition
Lost in the City


  • Artikelnummer: LP3755
  • Hergestellt von: Modern Action Records

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