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Stitches, The - Unzip My Baby ... All 7inches LP


The first 16 seconds of "Sixteen" are everything you need to know about the Stitches. Mike Lohrman counts off, sounding oddly alone, the room echoing behind him. The song lurches: raw, ragged, as low and slow as a B-17 bomber. But before you can finish the thought, theyve jumped a beat ahead. "Sixteen" revs up and then doubles over itself. Its all those months of speed and strangling boredom; its a band fucked up on meth and boozeas they were every session, Lohrman saysjust pushing everything out as fast and hard as they can because for all they know, its going to disappear again into a black hole of white noise, just like the last time they tried to record. There isnt a shred of calculation or restraint in the entire song. Its nothing but instinctsoon to be a Stitches trademark. And when Lohrman counts off againdouble timehes got the entire band behind him, punching every syllable through the back wall. Johnny Sleepers crash cymbals bleed into every other instrument. Its not like hearing the Sex Pistols for the first time. Its like hearing the Germs "No God" for the first time. The same initial fake-out, the same lunge for the jugular, the same chaotic potential energy and the same subconscious implicationsit makes everything else sound sluggish and obsolete.

That was 1994. Now, it´s 2013 and Wanda Records is proud to present you the holy grail of the Stitches: all rare and out of print 7inches on one record!!!

Side A
A1 Sixteen
A2 Vibrator Buzz
A3 Talk Sick
A4 Second Chance
A5 Livin´ At 110
A6 You Tear Me Out
A7 Automatic
A8 Monday Morning Ornaments

B1 Something New
B2 Same Thing
B3 Beat Beat Beat
B4 S.T.U.C.K.
B5 Floozie Of The Neighborhood
B6 My Reactions
B7 Cars Of Today
B8 Electroshock Carol
B9 Higher Education

- with lyric sheet and tourposter

200 x green vinyl
200 x pink vinyl
100 x splatter vinyl

(Wanda Records/ 2013)


Shipping notice: customers from foreign eu states, usa or a other place in the world who want buy only this record please send a message to: info@wandarecords.de. The shipping costs for one record is only 4,00 EUR.

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  • Model: LP4357
  • Manufactured by: Wanda Records

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