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FRAU - Same LP


London ladies FRAU stay ahead of the trend and revisit late 70's/early 80's Post Punk with impeccable results.  On FRUA's debut vinyl offering they spew molten Bass-centric Punk Rock where jagged, lacerating guitars splash across each other in succinct, volatile harmony.  Pure burly, shambolic Punk Rock that brings to mind early DIY Post Punk creativists like Liliput, Kleenex, and The Raincoats played at near HC velocity.  A big part of FRAU's inventive, disheveled charm is their warped, out of place, tempo changes and low brow recording experimentation that are as much a part of their "sound" as the wall of scuzz feedback that delightfully, envelops each song.  They create broodingly, unbalanced soundscapes of raw, hostile music that's both biting, powerful and dripping with character spat from their own witty, Feminist tongue.  Fans of Kleenex, Bikini Kill, Flipper, Gang of Four and Huggy Bear will be all over this.  Member of Good Throb.
(Dead Beat/ 2014)



  • Artikelnummer: LP4784
  • Hergestellt von: Dead Beat Records

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