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Bite, The - Right Down Your Alley LP


Second LP by this band from Barcelona featuring 12 brand new tracks in their usual mod revival/ punk 77 style!. The band has not changed a bit since they started 5 years ago. With “Right Down Your Alley” they reassert themselves in the search of the late seventies sounds, in the search of the perfect balance between power and harmony with short and direct songs. Always inspired by the great bands of the late seventies period, from The Clash to The Undertones, from The Jam to The Chords, but without losing their personal stamp, this album will not let down their followers. (Daily/ 2014)

1. Old White Money.
2. Bonecrusher.
3. Smart And Clean.
4. Don´t Go.
5. Strange Kids.
6. Wake Up!.
7. Wasted Talent.
8. TV Personality.
9. Nasty Love.
10. I Realized.
11. Drugs.
12. Doublethink. 


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