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Terminal Girls - Weird Lights LP


Hailing from Detroit, damaged new-wave duo TERMINAL GIRLS' debut Weird Lights LP on FDH records avoids the lo-fi trappings of layers and layers of tape hiss and clipping vocals buried in the mix to deliver something that's clean enough to bore itself right into your brain and dare you to drill a hole in your skull so it can escape.
Become a cosmonaut from an alternate past that sets out on a voyage to deep space to find god's skeletal remains. That vast, empty boring part of outer space is no longer boring, and is more vast, more empty. You are so lonely and depressed that you want to commit suicide but Weird Lights force you to have a one man dance party instead. The beats drill into your body, reaching speeds that should be too fast to dance to but aren't. None of this makes you feel any better about freezing to death in your spacesuit, but you've lived for so long you can't care anymore. Like a less self conscious THE SCREAMERS, unconcerned with trying to sound punk and artsy, but they manage to do it effortlessly. Sometimes it becomes so catchy but alienated it could have come from some sewer dwelling mole-man mid 90s boy-band.
FDH is unleashing TERMINAL GIRLS' Weird Lights LP early 2011, so you have about a year to listen to it every day before the world ends. Concerned you cant carry your LP around and listen to it everywhere? Don't worry, it comes with a free MP3 download code. Weird Lights is limited to 300 copies, so grab a copy before you have to fight some mutant for it. LP limited to 300 copies each with a free MP3 download code.


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