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Overcharge - Accelerate LP


Iron fist Rock N Roll reigns supreme on OVERCHARGE's debut.  'Accelerate' hits hard with a bludgeoning, blur of roaring riffs forged in the fiery ashes of proto-Metal, Punk Rock and Thrash.  A brutally devastating concoction steeped in anger, drenched in distortion and brimming with an aggro onslaught of ear-shatteringly awesome tunes.  OVERCHARGE's music has a nice pounding, trebbley low-end rumble that's really hammered home by the crisp, beefy production that accentuates the punishingly-brutal, guitar solos that interweave themselves through each and every song.   Burly fuckin' riffs for days on this record that spews an unrelenting whiplash of Punk-inflected Metal painting a grim, bleak picture across 10 finely crafted anti-hits. Raw, guttural power and skull-crushing Rock N Roll never sounded so good. 
Fans of  The Hookers, Nashville Pussy, Motorhead, Entombed or Midnight will be all over this.  Fuckin' killer debut.
(Dead Beat/ 2014)



  • Artikelnummer: LP5139
  • Hergestellt von: Dead Beat Records

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