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Outtacontroller - Television Zombie LP


OUTTACONTROLLER, who were traded as the Canadian HEX DISPENSERS beforehand, are back with their second longplayer and we have to say: the comparison still fits like a freakin´ leatherglove. Their sound is raw and earthy as hell their guitars, the distorted bass and the drums, which by the way barely manage a second without the crash cymbals all of that reminds me of the texan devils! But OUTTACONTROLLER take it one step further, they get Nebraska and BRIMSTONE HOWL on board and simply manage to stand out from both of them, especially with their sharp and bright vocals. No sir, there´s no mothafuckin´ doubt at all: longplayer number two is an extra yummy treat with a cream topping for fans of earthy, driven garagepunk! The hair on the back of your neck stands up from start to finish of this amazing album!
(P.Trash/ 2015)


  • Artikelnummer: LP5343
  • Hergestellt von: P.Trash

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