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Tomy & The Cougars - Ambush LP


Wow total earblast here! Tomy And The Cougars spark that classic '78-'80 era of bouncy punk/power pop electricity and carve out some seriously catchy ear candy on this primo snot-punk slab. You can totally tell these guys light their snotty, 3-chord, firecrackers offa the charred, smoldering, wick of first wave pop-boppers like The Buzzcocks, The Boys, Protex and The Undertones. With infectious vocal harmonies and a jagged, interweaving twin guitar attack, Tomy And The Cougars lay down nearly a dozen two minute blasts of contagious juvenile fun. A sweaty Ritalin fueled rager cut from the same tattered cloth as fellow miscreants The Stitches, Modern Pets, The Gaggers and The Briefs. Recorded by Rudy Romeur from La Flingue and The Irritones.
(Dead Beat/ 2016)


  • Artikelnummer: LP6056
  • Hergestellt von: Dead Beat Records

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