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Circle Jerks - Wild In The Streets LP


200g vinyl!!!
The Circle Jerks have come to typify the last great youth movement in America: The hardcore punk movement of the late 1970s and early ‘80s. Wild in the Streets, the band’s second album, is the Jerks in classic form: poignant, political, sarcastic and raunchy.

ORIGINAL MASTER: Our Wild in the Streets reissue was mastered from the original, Jerks-approved mix which only appeared on the first vinyl pressing in 1982, and never on CD.
(Drastic Plastic)

A1 Wild in the Streets
A2 Leave Me Alone
A3 Stars and Stripes
A4 86’d (Good as Gone)
A5 Meet the Press
A6 Trapped
A7 Murder the Disturbed
B1 Letter Bomb
B2 Question Authority
B3 Defamation Innuendo
B4 Moral Majority
B5 Forced Labor
B6 Political Stu
B7 Just Like Me/Put a Little Love in Your Heart


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