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Four Lights - Kobayashi Maru LP


This is the sizzling sophomore album from Seattle Teen sensations Four Lights. These guys went into Earwig Studios determined to make a big damn rock record and they more than succeed. ‘Kobayashi Maru ‘ contains 12 catchy, riff laden anti-love songs influenced by Weezer, Nada Surf, Blink 182, The Replacements and Jawbreaker. Each song packs a melodic punch and somehow manages to embrace all the relationship woes of a good pop song without ever becoming trite. They scratch that itch of needing a good catchy breakup song and fire ‘em off with ease. This is Four Lights at their best.
(Stardumb/ 2018)


  • Artikelnummer: LP7569
  • Hergestellt von: Stardumb

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