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Average Times - Seconds LP


Average Times play rapid-fire power poppin' punk rock along the lines of the Marked Men meets the Mean Jeans meets the Ramones. On their second album ‘Seconds’, Average Times fire off 12 opinionated and unadorned snotgrenades onto the putrid Punk masses and build a versatile albums worth of short and bittersweet tunes that don’t give you a second to breathe. Opening track “Forget Me Now” blows the roof off right from the start and the album burns bright for the next 11 tracks. Average Times continue to drum up hook-heavy power poppin’ punk tunes that offer hints of stylistic familiarity, but their bang-up delivery fused with enough snearing energy and ample attitude prevent any sort of derivative staleness. Awesome record.
(Dirtyflair/ 2018)


  • Artikelnummer: LP7742

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