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UxB - Westworld Crisis LP


Punk rock from Orange County is the best punk rock in the world! From the ashes of the US Bombs, UxB rise to lay their fingers on the wonders of modern society! UxB is a new band formed by former members of the influential punk rock combo US Bombs. After Kerry Martinez (Shattered Faith, Bad Luck Charms) Wade Walston (Suburbia, DI, Agent Orange) and Chip Hanna (One Man Army, Weirdos, TSOL) left US Bombs in 2015 due to conflicting political views of frontman Duane Peters, they have now teamed up with vocalist Jesse Wagner to start a new project. With UxB, they will now release their debut album Westworld Crisis, which seamlessly ties in with US Bombs' distinctive sound.
(Demons Run Amok/ 2020)


01 Tokyo Hiro
02 Don't Wanna Know
03 Westworld Crises
04 Think It Over
05 Phoenix
06 Night Marchers
07 Higher Ground
08 Dance Live Dance
09 Cosmic Reaction (She's So Real)
10 Elon Musk
11 Light Brigade
12 Only Life


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