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Courettes, The ‎– Here Are The Courettes LP


Remastered reissue of debut LP with new sleeve artwork! 1000 copies on cream coloured vinyl! The Courettes' debut album from 2015. Recorded in only two days by Kim Kix from the iconic PowerSolo in a small, cramped studio in Denmark. Unpolished tunes - fresh, raw and alive tunes - and the garage is shaking! Minimal overdubs, no editing, no auto tune, no bullshit. Punk straight out of the garage and a lot of riot grrrl charisma. Mixed by Kim Kix and Nikolaj Heyman. The album features eight original songs all in Mono. Now it's reissued with a new sleeve and new mastering making it sound better and louder than ever! 
(Damaged Goods/ 2021)

A1    I've Been Walking    
A2    Go! Go! Go!    
A3    Money Blind    
A4    The Boy I Love    
B1    Push It Too Hard    
B2    I Wanna Be Your Yoko Ono    
B3    Shiver!    
B4    We Are Gonna Die


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