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Stalag 13 – In Control LP


This is yet another classic reisuue. STALAG 13 emerged from the Nardcore scene of the early 80's along with other greats such as: AGGRESSION, IlL REPUTE, STRETCH MARKS; R.K.L. and Dr. KNOW. More than 20 years after its original release Oxnard's STALAG 13 return. On this well done reissue, packed in the original classic artwork you get all the tracks from the original full-length, and 4 unreleased bonus songs. This is straight-edge skate-hardcore in the vein it should be.
(Puke N Vomit/ 2010)

A1 Conditioned
A2 No Excuse
A3 Black Stix / Silver Badge
A4 Sometime
A5 Clean Up Your Act
A6 Black And Gray
A7 What Are You Looking For
B1 The Choice Is Yours
B2 In Control
B3 Selfish
B4 Violence In America
B5 I Don't Need It
B6 Make A Chance


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