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Slackers, The – Windowland 12"


If you thought the “Nobody’s Listening“ / “Sleep Outside“ double-single was an impressive and passionate one-two punch, you are in for a treat here!

Deciding which of those two songs would be a single was virtually impossible, but the decision between these two songs was even more difficult. In the end, we landed on another double-single.

Equally important and passionate, equally carrying vibrant messages, these two songs highlight just how special this band is, and further illuminate the groove that they are in when it comes to laying down new tracks.

While these two bangers are inevitably going to take over the airwaves right now, there are even more in the works getting finalized right behind them! Track after track, The Slackers continue to deliver quality that only a handful of bands can!

This incredible semi-transparent printed one-sided 12” is limited and absolutely going to fly off the shelves once people start seeing them in person! Grab one fast before it’s too late!!
(Pirates Press/ 2021)

Side A:
1. Windowland
2. I Almost Lost You


  • Artikelnummer: LP9267
  • Hergestellt von: Pirates Press Records

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