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Days N' Daze – Show Me The Blueprints LP


Veteran thrashgrass band DAYS N DAZE has spent more than a decade doing it themselves in a way few can match. From the very beginning, they have forged their own path, playing acoustically so they?d have less gear and can perform anywhere, booking and promoting themselves, and self-recording and selfreleasing their albums. In rare instances when they work with outsiders, they stick with people they know, which is why after a dozen hardscrabble years, they've joined Fat Wreck Chords for their eighth full-length.
(Fat Wreck/ 2020)


01 Flurry Rush
02 Ditches
03 Libriyum
04 Saboteurs
05 My Darling Dopamine
06 Rewind
07 Addvice
08 None Exempt
09 Fast Track
10 Show Me The Blueprints
11 Goodbye Lulu Pt. 2


  • Artikelnummer: LP9287
  • Hergestellt von: Fat Wreck Chords

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