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Reflectors, The – Faster Action LP


Terrific '70s-styled teenage Power Pop.

FASTER ACTION celebrates brilliantly - and vibrantly - the Buzzcocks' blessed heritage and reminiscent of the best-known contemporaries groups as The Undertones or The Zeros, The Nerves, 20/20.

In typical Reflectors fashion, this songs will have you tapping your toes and humming along in no time flat.
(Snap!!/ 2021)

A1 All Made Up    
A2 Radio Signals    
A3 Shivers And Scars    
A4 Faster Action    
A5 Carry On    
A6 Fade Away    
B1 Dial Tone    
B2 Messin' Around    
B3 Not In My Heart    
B4 Can't Sleep Tonight    
B5 Where Have You Been


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