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Bootlicker – Lick The Boot Lose Your Teeth: The EPs LP


Compiling all E.P.'s by Bootlicker, "Lick The Boot, Lose Your Teeth" presents 24 tracks originally released over four 7"s dating back to 2017. From the earliest incarnation of the band and the start of their signature production and sound to where they are now. With the overblown martial drumming, completely pinned clean guitar attack, Bootlicker has been a fresh take on D-Beat tradition with a handful of Oi/UK82 and American Hardcore influence on the side. Each 7" is compiled here and represents a different phase of the band. The completely broken speaker aggression of "Who Do You Serve", the slight Rock 'n' Roll influenced "Nuclear Family" and bare bones approach of the "Six Track E.P." all paved the way to a more realized sound in "How To Live Life". Instead of tracking down each out of print, individual E.P. Here they are for the taking.
(Static Shock/ 2022)


01. Fragments
02. Submission
03. Torture
04. Dejection
05. The Prison
06. Futureless
07. Hangman
08. Torment
09. Reprobation
10. Partisan
11. Bloodlust
12. Defiance
13. Defection
14. Blitzkrieg
15. Nuclear Family
16. Dogsbody
17. Shellshock
18. Slasher
19. It's Beautiful
20. False Power
21. Shot At Dawn
22. Uniforms
23. Dismantle
24. Calm Mind

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