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Misfits – Cuts From The Crypt LP


Collection of The Misfits from 1996-2001

Tracks: 1-6 Taken From Mars Attacks Demo Sessions
Track 10 Demo Version
Track 17 Recorded Live

A1 Dead Kings Rise (Demo)
A2 Blacklight (Demo)
A3 The Haunting (Demo)
A4 The Hunger (Demo)
A5 Mars Attacks (Demo)    
A6 Dr. Phibes Rises Again (Demo)
A7 I Got A Right
A8 Monster Mash
A9 I Wanna Be A NY Ranger
B1 Scream (Demo)
B2 1.000.000 Years B.C.
B3 Helena 2
B4 Devil Doll
B5 Fiend Without A Face    
B6 Bruiser
B7 No More Moments
B8 Rise Above (Live)


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