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Monsters, The – Du Hesch Cläss, Ig Bi Träsch LP


Slovenly’s mother tongue recordings imprint is psyched beyond belief to present to the freaks and creeps of planet Earth, the 8th LP from Switzerland's THE MONSTERS—Du Hesch Cläss Ig Bi Träsch (“You’re Class I’m Trash”)! Scandinavian Bestial Death Metal? Puh-leeze. Japanese Harsh Noise? Gimme A Fuckin Break! This is the true evil that rock’n’rollers do, and you’ll be trembling in your creepers before your asses even get close to bumping to the radical raunch contained on this truly amazing long-player. Even long time rabid fans will be stunned by the sheer magnitude of nastiness and horror here, and if you’re a newcomer, we wish you the best of luck! Yeah, that’s a harpsichord and a choir on the intro. Oops, that’s the outro. We listen to shit backwards and you should too. But so fucking what? Religion rightly scares the piss out of us, and The Monsters make no bones about their just demands of servitude. But you know what the craziest part of this disaster is? It’s not simply that it transcends any trite categories like “GARAGE,” or “PSYCHOBILLY,” or even just (JUST!) “ROCK’n’ROLL,” it’s your perception of maestro BEATMAN's tried and true and fried as fuck vocal throttle that’s damaged even further by him singing in Swiss-German for the first time on any of his vast catalog o’ cool, and it’s for the entirety of this monster swingin’ album! You want the English version? Well take your ass to his legendary Voodoo Rhythm label (Records To Ruin Any Party!) and imbibe as you are wont to do, but we’re gambling that this language, which has no formal written application, is going to screw your brains like his charmingly broken English has never done before. No offense, we love everything the Beatman touches, but this bold and genius move has got our lobes knocked up like a barefoot mormon sister-wife. Mondo Mongo, mofos! Familiar tracks from killer records past, like “I’m a Stranger To Me” reappear as “Frömd vo Mir” (hell, that one is almost a cognate) but everything here promises a hellish trip into the void, and we guarantee your eternal delight, but make no promises for your mental welfare.
(Slovenly/ 2022)


A1 Ig Bi Chrank
A2 Schmöksch Mi Zungä
A3 Mitfahr Glägeheit
A4 Tod
A5 Frömd Vo Mir
A6 Blasphemie
B1 Gäubä Schnee Drink
B2 Elektro-Velo Arschloch
B3 Bsoffä Ab Dir
B4 Ig Liebe Di    
B5 Tüüfus Meitschi
B6 Mi Miserä Isch Dis Glück
B7 Tod (Mortem Batkovic)

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