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Attak - Zombies col LP


Green vinyl1

Reissue, originally released in 1983. Probably the first experiment in mixing hardcore attitude with OI! songwriting ever made within the UK punk movement, Attak were born as a four piece in New Mills in 1981, but immediately reversed to a trio when their singer left for school commitments and released two incredible singles on the No Future label in this form, right before recruiting a new guitarist and record Zombies, that came out in 1983 on the same label. Known for featuring Mackie from Blitz's sister on drums, (and sounding a lot like his band), Attak definitely split up in late 1983. This criminally underrated classic gets reissued on vinyl with his original artwork and fully remastered. Includes 40x60 folded poster.
(Radiation/ 2022)

A1 Daga I
A2 Daga II
A3 This Is The Time
A4 Play The Ace
A5 See You In Hell
A6 Big Brother
B1 Zombies
B2 Demon
B3 Trail Of Terror
B4 Face The Slayer
B5 Young And Proud
B6 Wild Thing


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