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Klobber – Clap Time! LP


KLOBBER are a multinational band of the few faithful to the most classic punk rock in the style of 1977. Formed in 2010 in Madrid at the mythical Rock Palace by Mike (vocals and guitar) from USA, Gordon (guitar) from Scotland, Humphrey (drums) from England and Alberto (bass) from Madrid. His main influences are obvious: 1977; with CLASH, PISTOLS, DAMNED ...); the first American hardcore punk; UK 82 Oi! and some black music.
(Take The City/ 2021)

1 Only In It For The Beer
2 Confinement
3 Easy Life
4 All Fools
5 Everyone´s A Junkie
6 Empowered
7 Take A Knee
8 New Normal
9 Pathetic Life    
10 Borrachos Again


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