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Retarded - Same As The First LP


Marble vinyl!

You guessed it, Retarded are back with a new album titled "Same As The First", that literally brings back the formula of their first release. Ramones-core to the max, from Italy's Ramones-core pioneers. Produced, mixed and mastered by the legendary Mass Giorgini (Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Screeching Weasel, Riverdales, Queers, Squirtgun, Common Rider, and more).
Risen from the ashes of 90’s pioneering pop punkers Home Alone, Retarded hailed from Voghera, Italy, and debuted in 1998 with three singles and a self titled LP of pure Ramones-inspired madness: one of the best Italian punk albums of the 90’s, according to Rolling Stone Magazine.
(Striped/ 2023)

1. Rock'n'Roll Tonight
2. I Follow My Pride
3. My Heart Is Burning
4. Therapy
5. Locked Down City
6. Funny Face
7. The Kids Have Gone
8. Goodbye To You
9. Mr. Bunny
10. Same As The First
11. Just Do It
12. Same Old Story
13. Driving In The Sun


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