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Jesse – Complete Discography 2xLP


Grey swirl vinyl!

A collection of all of the singles, each recorded separate from the original album, plus an unreleased song. Many people will not own the original singles or album so we brought it all back together in one place for you. Each copy will have an insert poster. Sleeve notes by Sean and Frankie.
(Little Rocket/ 2024)

A1 Indestructable    
A2 Smarm    
A3 Gone Fishing    
A4 Everwas    
A5 Jack Christ    
A6 As Your Mind Closed    
A7 Rant    
B1 World    
B2 Dogsong    
B3 Room    
B4 Paradoxical Thing
B5 Handful Of Earth    
B6 Big Freeze    
B7 Truly Beautiful    
C1 Rant (7" Single Mix)    
C2 Song About A Dog (7" Single Mix)
C3 Indestructable (7" Single Mix)    
C4 Room (7" Single Mix)    
D1 Handful Of Earth (7" Single Mix)
D2 Jack Christ (7" Single Mix)    
D3 Paradoxical Thing (7" Single Mix)
D4 Hey Hey


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