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Hans-A-Plast – Barfuß In Scherben (Werkschau 1979-83) 2xLP


Limited to 300 copies 180g black vinyl, black lined inner sleeve and UV varnished deluxe 350g gatefold cover in PVC sleeve.

Remastered: The double LP 'Barfuß in Scherben - Werkschau 1979-83' contains 27 songs, exactly three quarters of the 36 studio tracks ever released. A compressed discography of all the hits in 80 minutes of total playing time, so to speak.

HANS-A-PLAST were founded in Hanover in 1978 and are still one of the most outstanding and influential punk bands in Germany at the time. The founding members: Micha, Bettina, Renate and Jens were joined by Annette, so the band was complete and remained in this formation until it disbanded in 1983. The first album from 1979 became a classic in no time and was an initial spark for the cliché-free punk that was still in its early stages. Against all expectations, the debut album was so successful that the band decided to found their own label in 1980 (after their initial collaboration with LAVA RECORDS) and NO FUN RECORDS was born. A total of three LPs and one single were released.Regardless of the fact that HANS-A-PLAST were one of the first German punk bands to have a female singer in the charismatic front woman Annette Benjamin, the German-language lyrics primarily addressed the male/female role relationship and played with it in an extremely skilful and provocative way. A time that meant a new beginning and three women who did not want to be perceived as victims. The lyrics were neither moralistic nor preachy, but aggressive and intelligent. Everything was built into a completely independent and varied sound, which was really unique in this form in this country at the time, because this band broke new ground both lyrically and musically!
(Colturschock/ 2023)


LP 1:

01. Lederhosentyp
02. Man of Stone
03. Rock 'n' Roll Freitag
04. Für 'ne Frau
05. Polizeiknüppel
06. Ich bin hungrig
07. Rank Xerox
08. Es brennt
09. Lemminger Punks
10. Hau ab du stinkst
11. Monopoly
12. Sicherheit
13. Sex Sex Sex
14. Reicher Vati
15. Machtspiel / Eidexe kriech

LP 2:

16. Spielfilm
17. Dicke Kinder
18. Ich zünd mich an
19. Kunde und Vieh
20. Kurz und dreckig
21. Tuaregs
22. Ausradiert
23. Eifersucht
24. Sacco di Roma
25. Schwarz und Weiß
26. Gut im Bett
27. Barfuß in Scherben

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