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Slick 46 - USA Tour 2013 EP


With a relentless work ethic that personifies "working class punk" like no other band, SLICK 46 have embarked on their FIFTH tour of the USA in the summer of 2013, all of which have been booked and financed independently by the band alone!!  For this reason if nothing else, you should check out this new 7" EP, their first solo 7" to date (rather than split or comps) and it is also by far the best release to date with the song-writing and musicianship elevating to a higher level with each new output from this band! Bass-player Flea and guitar player Tim share the lead vocals more evenly which results in a good mix of gruff and melodic songs.  This IS working class punk, for skinheads, punk rockers and anyone else who appreciates REAL music in this day and age of Hot Topic style mall punk...

Limited edition red vinyl with downloadcode!
(Contra/ 2013)


Track Listing:
1. Cash
2. Don't Care
3. No Apologies
4. Fall Down


  • Artikelnummer: EP1572
  • Hergestellt von: Contra Records

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