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Liar´s Academy - Run For Cover EP


Green vinyl!
Formed in 2000 in Baltimore, MD (USA) from the members of Cross My Heart and Strike Anywhere, LIAR'S ACADEMY has since released 2 albums and 1 EP on the NY based Equal Vision records. Their newest delivery in the form of a 7" comes exclusively on Goodwill records! For those not familiar with LIAR'S ACADEMY sound, they mix Indie Pop style with Emo/Punk influences creating a sound that can appeal to fans of Jawbreaker, Jimmy Eat World, Piebald, Soul Asylum, Weezer, and so on. Produced by J. Robbins (ex-Government Issue, Jawbox,...) known for his work with Jets To Brazil, Jawbreaker, Against Me!, The Dismemberment Plan, etc, LIAR'S ACADEMY grace us here with their usual healthy dose of melody and groovy rhythms.
(Goodwill/ 2007)


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