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Bad Luck Charms, The - Rich Girl EP


The BAD LUCK CHARMS: slimy, dirty, sleazy rock n' roll that makes ya wanna fuck a nun (and later join the church!?!), and then kill yourself!!! Sounds fun, eh?!!! These electric cartoons straight outta Brooklyn, NY are fueled by the syringe sound of THE HEARTBREAKERS, tongue-in-cheek of HANOI ROCKS and all the snot of the DEAD BOYS!!! The cast includes Kerry Martinez (U.S. BOMBS/SHATTERED FAITH) Brian Knott (formerly with THE NUNS) and Brenden Deal (formerly with Nick Hawkins of B.A.D.). Do yourself a favor and catch these guys, or you'll end up having to wait another 20 years!!!
(TKO/ 2002)

- Rich Girl
- Ain´t Gonna Be


  • Artikelnummer: EP1152
  • Hergestellt von: TKO Records

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