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Radio Reelers - Too Dumb To Quit EP


Imagine if Johnny Thunders, Chuck Berry, Andy G from the Devil Dogs, and Greg Lowery formed a band... they would have sounded like the Radio Reelers do. Influenced by cheap beer, bad girls, wild rock'n'roll & Jagermeister, this legendary SF band was one of the best R'n'R bands of all time, similar to bands like Devil Dogs, Lazy Cowgirls, The Rip Offs, New Bomb Turks, Teenage Head, Johnny Thunders, Dialtones, Teengenerate, Problematics, The Humpers, Supersuckers and more... This is an ultra limited edition EP of 4 studio out-takes from their 2 previous albums on Deadbeat Records -- Get it while you can as all the previous RR 7"s are long out of print. Available on rare dark red vinyl.
(No front Teeth/ 2010)


1     One Of The Gang
2     Teenage Heartattack
3     Drinkin' Shoes
4     Church Of The Holy Spook


  • Artikelnummer: EP1271
  • Hergestellt von: No Front Teeth Records

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