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Brat Farrar - From Paris To Kabul EP


BRAT FARRAR is the new DIY-project/band of Australian wunderkind Sam Agostino. You know him from awesome outfits like DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS, KAMIKAZE TRIO or RUSSIAN ROULETTES! After sculpting his debut record (released on P.Trash Records) for several months BRAT FARRAR returned to the studio to smash out "From Paris to Kabul" his first -follow-up single! The song "From Paris to Kabul" shows a more metallic yet melodic edge than BRAT FARRAR's previous releases and is yet another step in the evolution of BRAT FARRAR. Dig that punching bassline and freak out! On the flip "I Don't Care" shows BRAT FARRAR drawing his line in the sand and giving a solid middle finger salute to just about everything. A perfect bone-dry garage-rocksong, like only Australians can do it. The chorus will follow you for weeks! When your boss bullies you ... your girlfriend ran away ... and your beer is empty ... I don't care!!!
(Timmeheiehumme/ 2012)



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