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Split - Needle Exchange/ Scraps, The EP (limited)


 Limd. 100 Edit. is the (the London / Berlin cityscapes) printed on translucent film
Two exclusive tracks each from London’s SCRAPS and Germany’s NEEDLE EXCHANGE. This is the SCRAPS second offering after their killer debut 7” last year on NFT and hot off the heels of NEEDLE EXCHANGE's - ‘Is This My Program? ’debut full length released right now by P.Trash Rec.!
Two killer punk bands back to back, no bullshit, just pure, raw punk rock dynamism.
(NFT/ 2015)

The SCRAPS: Shoot You Dead / Wild
NEEDLE EXCHANGE: I Wanna Die / Douse Me.


  • Artikelnummer: EP1956
  • Hergestellt von: No Front Teeth Records

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