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Chips Ov Oi! - Make Pogo Great Again TAPE


Cookie Boot Boys from Canada! Songs about Cookies and Pogo!
Comes with two bonus tracks from their demo and an exclusive pin!
LTD. 100!
(Tape Or Die/ 2018)

01 Ponx is Cookix 
02 Smash A Cookie (in your Beer) 
03 Let’s Make Pogo Great Again 
04 Pogo in the Welfare Line 
05 Ogopogo 
06 Cookie Boot Boys

07 Pogo I’m in Love 
08 Chocolate Chips (not Fish and Chips) 
09 Guilty As Charged 
10 Turnin’ Trix (on Chocolate Chips) 
11 Punk, Drunk, Oi! 
12 (Bonus) Up the System (Blanks 77) 
13 (Bonus) Deadend Depression (Threats)


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