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Discharge - Hear Mothing See Nothing Say Nothing CD


Claimed by the influential "Terroriser" magazine to be 'the Greatest Punk Rock Album of all time' this is an LP that no serious collection of Punk can be without. Now featuring the "Never Again", "Warning" and "State Violence State Control" singles as well as stunning remastering by Tim Turan to give the definitive version of this 'must have' release.

Tracklist: Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing | The Nightmare Continues | The Final Blood Bath | Protest And Survive | I Won’t Subscribe | Drunk With Power | Meanwhile | A Hell On Earth | Cries Of Help | The Possibility Of Life’s Destruction | Q;And Children A: And Children |The Blood Runs Red | Free Speech For The Dumb | The End Bonus Tracks Never Again | Death Dealers | Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles | State Violence State Control | Dooms Day | Warning | Where There Is A Will There Is A Way | In Defence Of Our Future | Anger Burning
(CaptainOi/ 2007)


  • Artikelnummer: CD0915
  • Hergestellt von: Captain Oi!

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