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Astro Zombies, The - Burgundy Livers CD


Burgundy Livers is a storming live performance from The Astro Zombies, one of Europe's best and wildest Psychobilly bands. 
The Astro Zombies deliver hard hitting full-force Psychosis with razor-sharp guitar, devastating slap-bass and aggressive vocals.  The powerful delivery compliments these great Psychobilly songs, and there's a bonus video track too.
(Raucous/ 2007)

Track Listing:
Social Life
The Story Of Bonnie and Clyde
Plastic Passion
Devil Duckie
I'm Alright
666 Racing
Bang Bang
You Are Shit
Bertha Lou
Terrifying Astro Zombies
I'll Never Be Your Friend
Jeckyll and Hyde
bonus video track


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