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Anti-Nowhere League - We Are ... The League LP


Limited edition vinyl reissue of the debut album by the Anti-Nowhere League, originally issued on WXYZ Records in 1982!. 

Despite the obnoxious band’s reputation and the legal persecution that the group suffered due to its obscene lyrics the album remained Nº 1 for many weeks in the independent charts and it became from its release day an instant UK Punk Rock Classic!!
(Daily/ 2019)


A1 - We're The League
A2 - Animal
A3 - Woman
A4 - Can't Stand Rock'N'Roll
A5 - (We Will Not) Remember You
A6 - Snowman
B1 - Streets Of London
B2 - I Hate...People (Remix)
B3 - 'Reck-A-Nowhere
B4 - World War III
B5 - Nowhere Man
B6 - Let's Break The Law (Remix)


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