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Butthole Surfers – Psychic... Powerless... Another Man's Sac LP


The early-mid "80s had their share of insane combos -- The Birthday Party, Black Flag and Minor Threat had the raw power to melt your mind in seconds. SWANS, Einsturzende Neubauten and Big Black created enough overwhelming sonic pressure their sounds might actually flatten you. And Sonic Youth displayed such a dizzyingly unpredictable mix of art, pop culture and violence you"d sometimes leave their shows drooling. The Buttholes shared elements with all of these groups, but added an insane psychedelic edge and a propensity for bizarre spectacle. By the time they started touring to preview and then support the revamped version of "Psychic...Powerless... Another Man"s Sac," the Buttholes" live show was a berserk, evolving extravaganza of strobes, smoke, clothespins, naked dancing, bullhorns, raving lunacy and music that was as madly mind-blowing as that of any band who ever lived. "Another Man"s Sac" was also wildly advanced over the previous records. Parts of the LP swaddled their punk edge inside so much oink and babble you almost couldn"t discern it, with other segments stretching out into a mutant form of garage blues, and others just swirling out of control.
(Matador/ 2024)

A1 Concubine
A2 Eye Of The Chicken
A3 Dum Dum
A4 Woly Boly
A5 Negro Observer
A6 Butthole Surfer
B1 Lady Sniff
B2 Cherub
B3 Mexican Caravan
B4 Cowboy Bob
B5 Gary Floyd

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