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Meteors, The - 40 Days A Rotting LP


The Meteors' album "40 Days A Rotting" is a thrilling and intense release that showcases the band's signature psychobilly sound. 
Released by Mutant Rock Records, this album is a must-have for fans of the genre. With 15 tracks of pure psychobilly goodness, "40 Days A Rotting" takes listeners on a wild ride from start to finish. The Meteors' unique blend of rockabilly, punk, and horror-inspired lyrics creates a sound that is both haunting and energetic. From the opening track "Graveyard Stomp" to the closing song "Corpse Grinder," each song on this album is filled with infectious melodies, powerful guitar riffs, and thunderous drumming. The production quality on "40 Days A Rotting" is top-notch, allowing every instrument to shine through. The vocals are gritty and powerful, while the guitar work is skillful and precise. The rhythm section provides a solid foundation for each song, driving the music forward with relentless energy. In addition to its musical prowess, "40 Days A Rotting" also features stunning artwork that perfectly complements the album's themes. 

Mutant Rock/ 2024)


01. The Blood Red Sea
02. Road Burn
03. Psychocybernation
04. Blood Moon
05. 40 Days a Rotting
06. Murder Party
07. I Ain't Lost (Don't Look for Me)
08. Seven Skulls
09. The Rage (Never just for fun)
10. The Devil Take Me Highway
11. Dead Man's Hand
12. Eyes Blood Red
13. Doom Time
14. In the Land of a Spider God

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