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Crusades - Perhaps You Deliver This Judgment... LP


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Ottawa, Canada's CRUSADES began in late 2009. Comprised of current and ex-members of Sedatives, The Creeps, Buried Inside, The Steve Adamyk Band, Last Communion, Zebrassieres, The Visitors, Pregnancy Scares, Black Tower & others, CRUSADES' initial (and ongoing) goal was to provide the somewhat accessible vehicle that is melodic punk rock for decidedly less than accessible ideas - namely atheism, antichristianity, secular humanism, satanism, and a vehement disdain for the crippling disease that is organized religion.
(No Idea/ 2014)


Track Listing:
1. Exordium
2. The Torchbearer
3. The Signs of the Times
4. The Shadow of Ideas
5. The Incantations
6. The Transport of Intrepid Souls
7. The Heroic Frenzies
8. The Expulsion
9. The Art of Memory
10. Exitus



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